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Q: How much does Al!ve cost?
A: Nothing! It's FREE?


Q: Will the Al!ve service cost money ?
A: Absolutely not ! We're gonna' keep this thing
free !


Q: Can I Buy products online ?
A: Yes, you can buy and sell products in the safest comercial enveroinment.




If you have read and understend the Legal terms and conditions, you can download Al!ve 1.0 :


Legal terms and conditions

By downloading this software... blah, blah blah...


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Not convinced either to download Al!ve or not ? Here's 10 reasons to get Al!ve now !!!

  • Keep in touch with your friends. Tell them about Al!ve and Chat with them all day long in Al!ve !
  • Make new friends and find love on Al!ve.
  • Keep in touch with the latest news and products !
  • Buy cheap products right in your own country !
  • With a message posted on the buy/sell board, thousands of people will see your message daily !
  • Get entertained - Find out what's the best on the Internet.
  • Get organized - with Al!ve's integrated agenda and reminder.
  • Get help - post questions and get answers into our forum.
  • Yet to come...
  • Yet to come again... (out of inspiration)



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